Our Services

Both group and private riding lessons, as well as clinics on a variety of topics, are available. We provide schooling for a limited number of horses by special arrangement.
Note that we are currently a mobile service only.


You may choose either group or private lessons. Group lessons are limited to no more than four participants who have access to an enclosed riding area, such as a riding ring, very large round pen (at least 100 feet across) or similar area.


Clinics are available on a number of topics, including:
• Functional Anatomy & Conformation of the Saddle Horse
• History of Saddles
• Body Awareness/Physical Conditioning for Riders
• Action of Bits and Bridles


These are our introductory rates. They are subject to change.


Horse & Rider Assessment
30 Minute Private Lesson
1 Hour Private Lesson
30 Minute Group Lesson (Min. 2 riders, Max. 4 riders)
Half-Day Clinics


$12 per rider

Please let us know if there is any other topic on which we can assist you.